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Careers & Pathways

Information is also available at our Irymple Secondary College Career's Website.

What Career is for me ?    Try these quizzes to see if they help you get some idea of what areas you may be best suited to:

Careers Quiz     

Matching your Personality to a Career

VETiS   (Vocational Education Training in Schools) allows Year 10 students to spend one day a week specifically training in a work area such as hospitality, plumbing, automotive, allied health, children’s services, building & construction, engineering, community services and a host of other areas. Year 9s must apply for these courses in Term 4 during course selection time.     
Please check the variety of VETiS courses offered at school this year.   

SBATs  School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are becoming more popular as employers and students get to ‘try before they buy’ into a fully fledged apprenticeship. Students work one day a week, plus a week of each school holidays which comes off their apprenticeship time should they decide to continue.                                                                                                                                             

Please contact careers & pathways advisor Mrs Jackie Horkings via email for any enquiries or assistance.

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