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College Council

The College Council has a very important role to play in the functioning of our school. The council is made up of both DET and parent members and meets regularly.


Parent Representatives

  • President - Fiona Zambelli

  • Vice President - Lea Andronescu

  • Treasurer - Warren Lloyd

  • Melanie Jamieson

  • Janelle Harington

  • Sherrie Geister

Community Representatives

  • Jason Modica​

  • Matthew Gray 

Staff Representatives

  • Gregor Allan

  • Rebecca McClure

  • Karen Francis

  • Luke O'Shannessy

Student Representatives

  • Jack Burford

  • Olivia Cirillo



  • Helen Harrison (Business Manager)

  • Natalie Fryar (Office Manager)

  • Jo McQuinn (Principal)

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