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Year 10 Work Experience

What is Work Experience?

Work experience is the short term placement of secondary school students with “host” employers, to provide insights into the industry and the work place in which they are located. Students are placed with employers primarily to observe and learn – not to undertake activities which require extensive training or experience.

Is Work Experience compulsory?

At Irymple Secondary College, all Year 10 students must complete two weeks of work experience in order to successfully complete their Pathways subject.

Benefits of Work Experience for students

Work experience provides students with the opportunity to:

  • be exposed to the ‘real’ world of work

  • gain an understanding of the nature and conditions of paid work

  • find out more about work-related issues such as the impact of technological changes on work, workplace relations, rights and responsibilities of employers and employees

  • examine and assess initial career choices and career opportunities

  • obtain assistance in their course and career decision making

  • develop an awareness of appropriate attitudes and behaviours at work

  • improve their communication skills

  •  develop contacts with potential employees

Students must attend their place of work during normal business hours whilst on placement.

Who arranges student Work Experience?

Students themselves are responsible for organising their own work placements. During Pathways lessons, students will learn and practice appropriate telephone techniques to speak with employers and be given some time to make initial contact. Once adequate class time has been provided, students must make their telephone calls outside school hours.


It is the individual responsibility of each student to speak with employers and then have the appropriate forms signed and returned to school. They will need to visit their employer before their placement to have the Work Experience Arrangement Form completed.


Students WILL NOT be allowed to undertake Work Experience without the completion of appropriate paperwork.

Attendance during Work Experience

Students must inform the employer and the school if they are going to be absent from the workplace or if they are going to be late. If necessary, the student may need to arrange to undertake an extra day’s work experience to ensure they complete 10 day of Work Experience placements.

Occupational Health and Safety during Work Experience

Employers should comply with occupational health and safety requirements and standards under Victorian law. The employer or supervisor should provide the student with appropriate training and instruction in respect to occupational health and safety. This training should relate to the tasks to be undertaken during the work experience.

Students must complete safe@work  on-line training prior to arrangement of placement. All students must complete the “General” module, and an “Industry” module if applicable.

Are students “graded” during Work Experience?

Although students are not graded by the school during Work Experience, you and your employer will be contacted, either in person or by phone, at least once during the period of the placement to monitor the placement progress.

At the end of the placement, an evaluation form, supplied to the employer, must be completed and forwarded to the College.

Are students paid for Work Experience?

The minimum rate of payment to you on work experience is $5 a day. Government and not-for-profit businesses are not required to pay Work Experience students.

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